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Whether you are a teacher, leader, support staff or provider, the 2011 Festival of Learning is for you. It is a unique event in the region, bringing together a range of agendas, individuals and organisations into a single space for a day of interaction, inspiration and initiative.


Global learning, sustainable schools, community cohesion, school linking, learning outside the classroom, healthy schools, social and emotional aspects of learning, rights-based education, every child matters, critical literacy, real world learning, citizenship education...

We have become used to multiple agendas and initiatives, but many of these are now changing or have already gone. The festival is a response to this transforming landscape and takes as its premise the central role of 'learning' with values and approaches that transcend agendas and outlive specific initiatives or funding streams.

As our education system is being transformed, we in turn will have to transform the way we work and seek support. Where can we find inspiration and how can we apply this to learning that effects change?

The festival is your chance to engage in this important debate, to discover local, regional and national support available to you, and to network with others from all sectors of education.

Don't miss out on this key regional event and the opportunity to meet with those inspiring and reinvigorating educational practice, policy and thinking. Be part of the transformation!

What is the festival? How do I get a Get me to the festival! Why should I attend? What will I get?